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Emergency Numbers

When in sorrow ... call John 14

When men fail you ... call Psalm 27

If you want to be fruitful ... call John 15

When you have sinned ... call Psalm 51

When you worry ... call Matthew 6:19-34

When you are in danger ... call Psalm 91

When God seems far away ... call Psalm 139

When your faith needs stirring ... call Hebrews 11

When you are lonely and fearful ... call Psalm 23

When you grow bitter and critical ... call 1 Corinthians 13

For Paul's secret happiness ... call Colossians 3:12-17

For understanding of Christianity ... call 1 Corinthians 5:15-19

When you feel down and out ... call Romans 8:31

When you want peace and rest ... call Matthew 11:25-30

When the world seems bigger than God ... call Psalm 90

When you want Christian assurance ... call Romans 8:1-30

When you leave home for labor or travel ... call Psalm 121

When your prayers grow narrow or selfish ... call Psalm 67

For a great invention/opportunity ... call Isaiah 55

When you want courage for a task ... call Joshua 1

For how to get along with fellow men ... call Romans 12

When you think of investments and returns ... call Mark 10

If you are depressed ... call Psalm 27

If your pocketbook is empty ... call Psalm 37

If you are losing confidence in people ... call 1 Corinthians 13

If people seem unkind ... call John 15

If discouraged about your work ... call Psalm 126

If you find the world growing small and yourself great ... call Psalm 19

For dealing with fear ... call Psalm 34:7

For security ... call Psalm 121:3

For assurance .... call Mark 8:35

For reassurance ... call Psalm 145:18

-- Season it with prayer and call those hot lines number . :). God is near. ^^. He never leaves nor forsake. =)

God bless. ♥

My Confessions. ♥

“We all have a purpose. Just pray and trust God, everything will be alright.“Everyone says it but have we tried saying it to ourselves?

If you’re going to asked me, I tried saying those lines to other people but sometimes I haven’t tried it in myself. People see me as a strong person but I admit, I’m weak just like them. I stumbled, I failed many times but still I’m standing by the grace of God. I’m not exempted for having mistakes. I’m just a person who received God’s Grace. Where would I be without His Grace? One thing that makes me strong is that,

I always reflect on what Jesus Christ had done. I always remind myself, “Jesus Christ died for me.”

Yes, I admit, I cried every night, not because I’m broken hearted with someone but I’m crying because I made my Daddy cry. He doesn’t want to see me crying. He doesn’t want to see me hurting. Sometimes, He even bared all the pains, and I can feel it. It’s ironic but it’s true. I hate it when I made Him sad but I admit, I do it many times. I just pray and repent but what’s amazing in Him, is that, He STILL accepts me and He still loves me.

People see me as if I don’t have any problems but deep inside I’m hurting. People do hurt and bare all the pain inside. I love to bare all the pain and I don’t show it to other people. I’m showing all the emotions to my Dad. I’m a type of person who loves to see people who are smiling and laughing even though, I’m hurting. In layman’s term, it can be called a “MARTYR” but in my own perspective, I called it “SACRIFICING.” It may be weird, but yes, that’s me. All my hurts, disappointments, failures, sacrifices, they’re all three-fourths of what Jesus Christ had done in the Cross. That’s the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE ever done in the history and I think nothing/no one can beat it.

I tried to live without a purpose but I realize that it’s hard to live without it. Without a purpose, how can you move on? I think that I can live my own life but I was wrong. When I met God, I turned 180 degrees. Knowing God is equivalent to knowing your purpose. You accept His Son, Jesus Christ, not because, you want to know your purpose or someone pushes you to accept Him, but because, YOU LOVE HIM. No reasons. Love will flow unto your life. We designed in different purposes but it all goes back to one word: LOVE. You do it simply because YOU LOVE GOD.

As the cliché goes, forget the past. It’s hard to move on when it comes on how God saved you by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I may fail but here I am, still standing. It’s true, that no matter how try you run from Him, He still follow you. He can’t take a single day without seeing you. I can proof it. By the grace of God, I can prove it.

Even though, I’m imperfect, He still loves me and accepts me. He always makes me smile. He always allowed me to feel His love by the people I love. He always allowed me to see a new day. He allows me study in a university. I still have home, I still have my family, I can eat three times a day. He allows me to have problems so that I can be wise. Words can’t be described to prove it but try it, look at the mirror. :). Isn’t it enough that YOU EXIST to prove His Love for you?

We may have different point of view or different opinion and I respect it for that. We write not to impress but to express. To sum it up, I failed many times but here I am, still standing all because of His Grace. :)