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Letters To God

I look at your smile in face
So weird and yet have some strength
You take a glimpse around this place and you make the best of everything

* You give me hope in spite of everything
You show me love even we so much pain
So I take this life and live like I was given another try

We laugh, we cry
Sometimes we’re broken and we don’t know why
And I’m tired and I lose my way
You help me to find it all

Repeat *

Just give me another try

Repeat *

- one of the songs in Letters to God. :)

A nice movie.

It made me cry.. Heart felt. :)

God's miniature Bible

* God, the greatest lover
* so loved, the greatest degree
* the world, the greatest company
* that He gave, the greatest action
* His only son, the greatest gift
* that whoever believes, the greatest simplicity
* in Him, the greatest person
* shall not perish, the greatest promise
* but, the greatest difference
* have, the greatest certainty
* everlasting life, the greatest possession.