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Have you ever wanted to fool or just get back at your friends so badly?
Then this one might help you, all you need is the victim's laptop or desktop computer.


1. Open your notepad
2. Write the following code

lol=msgbox ("Warning! A virus has been detected on your PC. Press YES to format your hard disk now or press NO to format your hard disk after system reboot",20,"Warning")

3. Save it as "Virus.vbs"

How to test?
Go to where you have saved the file and open it, if a window pops out and says that a virus has been detected. Then congratulations! It worked!

4. Now, close the window and transfer the file to the startup folder of the victim's computer. The window should now appear when the victim opens his computer next time.

Note: This does not basically harm the computer because it doesn't contain any virus.
Yes and No buttons just closes the window. You may alter the words inside the quotes.
lol=("You may alter this one",20,"Warning")

Tune in for more! :)


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