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This is lesson number 2 in online earning. After giving you a brief background on the categories of online earning, we will now tackle about the requirements.

The only requirement that you need to have is an e-wallet, short for Electronic wallet. Now, there are lots of these e-wallets running around these days. You have probably heard of Paypal, Alertpay and Liberty Reserve right? Well, These three are the most common e-wallets used.

Paypal is good because it is widely known and it is also accepted in most countries and online shops like e-bay. Well, I could say this is the no.1 until recently, my account got limited for no reason. Whe your account gets limited, you are not able to send/request payments and a bunch of other stuff. The only thing you could do is to receive payments until you lift the limitation. You can only lift it if you verify your account with a credit card, then verify banks, change your password and answer some security questions. I do not recommend this to you if you do not have any credit card.

Go to http://www.paypal.com to register for an account.

Next in line is Alertpay. This is the second most popular e-wallet around. It is also widely used but I don't seem to see it on some online shops. Verifying your account is now an easy job. You just need a mobile phone to verify it, unlike Paypal. I have verified my account in just seconds and I consider it as my 2nd payment processor. I prefer a Personal Pro account as it has more features to use than Personal Starter.

Sign up for a Personal Pro or a Business account here:

Third and lastly is Liberty Reserve, this is used by a lot of investors and traders. This is the only e-wallet that has the lowest fees for sending and receiving. Although, a lot of online shops don't support LR, it is the most convenient processor of all. I can't say much about LR, but this is my main payment processor.

Register for an account here:

There are a lot more e-wallets or payment processors that online marketers use, but these are three most commonly used. Others are Strictpay, HD-money, Moneybookers, Perfectmoney, etc.

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  1. Nwoka Said,

    i just wanted to say that paypal might be good, but in some countries it is not allowed. like in my country China we cannot use PayPal. I use Liberty Reserve and I like this payment processor very much. you just need an honest and reliable exchanger. I use e-forexgold exchanegr and i have no problems with transferring funds.

    Posted on May 13, 2010 at 10:31 AM


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