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Scam or Not?

Posted by KiRA

If there are scammers in offline business, then there are also scammers in online businesses. A lot of people are being scammed everyday and we have to stop this. We all know that scamming is a way to get much money but it ain't the right thing to do. This is our lesson number 3 in Online Earning, how to know if these websites/people are scammers or not. The theories that you are gonna read are just based on my experience and it had been useful for me since I had been using a lot of programs. So come on and learn what you need.

In theory, when we search for programs, we are often being sucked in by the big numbers we see on the homepages of these programs like $1 per click, $100 per email, etc. but the truth is no one, I repeat NO ONE is willing to pay someone that much just to do a simple job. That is obviously a scam site! And if it says up to $1 then you have just chosen your site!

Wait up! Don't go registering yet. We still have to look for proofs from the site. Go to your chosen site's forum(if they have one) and look for PAYMENT PROOFS. If they have no forum, better find another site. If you've found proof of payments, check the dates carefully and if they're up-to-date then check their services. If you're not satisfied with that proof, better Google the "sitename+scam". It will take some time to read but it's worth the time. If it's not yet pronounced as a scam by other sites, then check their services.

Now that you've proven that they're paying, it's time to look at their services. Services like forums, online support, contact pages, etc. The forum is a must-have for earning sites, because this is an alternative for people who wants to contact the staff and see if other members are getting paid and/or having problems. Online support is not that much needed but it would be very nice to have this feature for easy contact. Contact pages through e-mail is another must-have, even though it takes maybe 1,2 or 3 days to wait for a reply, it is very crucial that all queries are answered. Feel free to test these services as much as you can. If you have been satisfied by their services, then go ahead and register.

Well, that's all I can say for now.
Tune in for more lessons in Online Earning! :)

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  1. BNP Said,

    hi! paki-advise nalang po kung anong description ang gusto nyong ilagay ko sa listings, i'd be happy to update it for you :)

    ~BNP admin

    Posted on May 19, 2010 at 12:12 AM


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