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Who is the Author?

Posted by KiRA

Hello there! Before I begin, I'm happy to announce that I have successfully found a suitable theme for my blog. Finding the right theme is very hard for me because I had to search for about 2-3 months and modified some of its parts in one whole day. Although there are some parts that I haven't touched yet, I feel that I had to start writing a couple of posts now since I always edit the first article that I have ever wrote.

This is my first time in the blogosphere so I don't exactly know what to tell you for my first post, so maybe I'll just introduce myself and about the blog? hehe

My internet-name is KiRA, you may find me in some local and international forums as "kiray" or even "kiratot". I use these names when "KiRA" is unavailable to use. I'm just a regular student who's currently taking up Software Development in AMA Computer Learning Center and graduation is just right on the corner this coming March. The image above is the common image that I commonly use as my avatar on different forums, so if you see this image associated with the mentioned usernames, that's probably me. You may contact me through those sites and also through my email, which I do not know how to put in yet. :)

I love making friends online because even though they're so far, I can actually interact with them on forums and other sites. Being in forums opened my doors to earning extra money while I am online, especially when I'm in Facebook and other social sites. This helps my family in paying tuition fees and other house bills. You'll see some posts about earning later. :)

I really intended this blog for giving information about the things that I think could help anyone especially newbies in earning online, and I would also like to blog about my day-to-day experiences and give out some mini tutorials on different topics.

I also have integrated a chatbox over there so we can chat and get to know each other. You may leave some comments and contact me there. You can register so I will know you when we chat. :)
You can also subscribe to my blog through RSS, email feeda and by following this blog through Facebook, Twitter(Honestly speaking, I don't know what to do with twitter) and by the Follower's button in the main page.

I have also put on a poll about the blog which will be valid until there are a total of 100 votes casted, I would be making it on a weekly basis when all 100 votes are casted for the first poll. Poll of the week would be the viewers' choice, that means YOU. I will choose from the questions that you may post at the chatbox area.

Well, that's all I can tell you for now, my mind just went blank. Haha
If you know anyone who would like this blog, don't hesitate to tell them. I would really really appreciate it. More viewers means more friends. Yay! :)


  1. luis3141 Said,

    Hi KiRA, i really like the theme of your blog, it looks great! Its a little low on content thou :). Take care and happy earnings.
    P.S: its a little difficult to post this comments too. the window gets divided and causes trouble =?

    Posted on May 3, 2010 at 9:30 PM

  2. KiRA Said,

    Thanks luis3141, I will update this blog every now and then. It's still new though .. :)

    Posted on May 3, 2010 at 10:00 PM


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